America’s Abandoned, Unfinished Celebrity Mansions Have No Takers

3d rendering of modern cozy house with pool and parking for sale or rent in luxurious style by the sea or ocean. Starlight night by the azure coast with palm trees and flowers in tropical island

The homes of celebrities can often be looked at as the pinnacle of their wealth. The famous figures possess large amounts of net worth so it only makes sense that the homes they stay in are just as flashy as their personal lives. However, when having that much money to spend, celebrities often get tired quickly of what they own and want to upgrade and move forward. Many celebrities in the past have often abandoned the mega-mansions they either built or purchased to buy or build something bigger and better. An example of this can be shown by rapper Drake, who left his Hollywood Hills mansion in late 2019 to move into his $100,000,000 Toronto mansion which took nearly 5 years to build. Besides Drake, there are plenty of other celebrity examples. 

Many celebrity mansions are left abandoned once the famous owners find a taste for something new. Recently, many celebrity mansions have been left abandoned and even unfinished, given the circumstances surrounding the famous homeowner and their real estate projects. Rapper Kanye West is a man who tends to have incomplete projects, especially in music, however recently that has overlapped with his home life as the rapper’s recently purchased Malibu mansion has been left unfinished and uninhabited. Amidst his 2021 divorce from ex-wife Kim Kardashian, West purchased a 4,000-square-foot beachfront property in Malibu, California. West had the property completely gutted, to the point where it looked like a bomb shelter, but never completed the remodeling. In December of 2023, West listed the home for $53 million before he then lowered its price to $39 million after not being able to sell the property. 

Another example comes from legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. Jordan has been trying to sell his Illinois mansion since 2012, which had been vacant since. The property was first listed for $29 million but has now dropped the price to $14.9 million.