AOC Claims Trump Will Try to ‘Round Up’ Enemies After Election

(NEW) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Holds a Town Hall in Queens. February 22, 2024, New York, New York, USA: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez poses when she holds a Town Hall to deliver remarks after five years of the Green New Deal at Astoria's PS 171Q on February 22, 2024 in the Queens borough of New York City. (Credit: M10s / TheNews2) (Foto: M10s/Thenews2/Deposit Photos)

Controversial and far-left Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, better known as AOC, has given her insight on what she believes will come from Donald Trump if he is to be re-elected as president this upcoming November. AOC shared her thoughts on a recent podcast with journalist Kara Swisher called, On with Kara Swisher.

During the recent podcast episode, AOC stated to Swisher that she believes Trump will “round up” his political enemies if he is to win November’s election and is reportedly preparing to do so right now. AOC stated that her claims may sound ludicrous, but that she would not be surprised if the presumptive Republican nominee threw her in jail for speaking out against the former president. AOC continued that Trump is “out of his mind”, and referenced Trump’s past comments to lock up the controversial Congresswoman. AOC further backed her claim by stating that Trump’s past statements are his motto. AOC continued her opinionative statement that she was still strongly supporting the Biden campaign.

AOC further stated that Trump still has a chance to win, despite his recent guilty conviction of falsifying business documents to pay hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Due to Trump’s chances, AOC stated that that is why she still supports Joe Biden’s election campaign. AOC then went on to state that if Trump should be re-elected, it would lead to the dissolution of democracy in the U.S. and that is the deep issue at hand.

AOC is not the only political oppressor of Trump who believes in such conspiracies. Many Democrats believe Trump will imprison them as well for being against him, as the former President has labeled the U.S. government many times as a “swamp” that needs to be “drained”. In April, Democratic California Representative Adam Schiff stated that he was taking Trump’s political threats of imprisoning his opposers seriously and was making preparations for a future prosecution.