Biden Blames Trump As Border Bill Is Shattered

President Biden criticized former President Trump on Tuesday, holding him responsible for derailing a border security bill due to political motivations. In his remarks from the White House, Biden stated that the legislation was unlikely to move forward in the Senate because Trump believed it would harm him politically. Biden further accused Trump of weaponizing the issue rather than seeking a solution, asserting that Trump was pressuring Republican lawmakers to oppose the bill.

Introduced on Sunday, the bill allocates $20 billion for enhancing border security and allows the federal government to temporarily expel migrants when the number of daily crossings surpasses a specific limit. It seeks to terminate the “catch and release” policy, elevate the criteria for asylum screenings, speed up the processing of claims, and provide financial support for Ukraine amid its conflict with Russia, assistance for Israel in its defense against Hamas, and backing for allies in the Indo-Pacific region.

However, the border security proposal faced opposition from Republicans in both the House and Senate. House conservatives declared it “dead on arrival” and expressed their unwillingness to support the bill despite being partially crafted by a fellow party member.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) suggested drafting a separate aid bill solely for Israel, but Biden threatened to veto such a measure. While Biden did not explicitly state his support for funding only Ukraine or Israel, he emphasized the importance of passing all the aid included in the bill.

Trump has cautioned Republicans against voting for the legislation, warning that it could be detrimental to the party in an election year. The former president criticized Senator James Lankford (R-Okla.) for working on the bill despite endorsing Lankford for his 2022 reelection campaign.

Democrats have been arguing for weeks that Republicans in Congress are rejecting any compromise on the border issue because it could be politically advantageous for Biden in an election year. Trump has consistently criticized Biden’s handling of immigration and the border, and polls have shown that voters trust Trump more on these matters.

Biden emphasized the endorsement of the bill by the National Border Patrol Council, a union for border patrol agents that supported Trump in 2020, as well as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Biden stated that this bipartisan legislation marks a significant win for the United States by implementing essential reforms in the immigration system.

In conclusion, President Biden squarely blamed former President Trump for sabotaging a bipartisan border security bill due to political considerations. The bill, which includes funding for border security, aid for Ukraine and Israel, and support for Indo-Pacific allies, encountered opposition from Republicans. Biden argued that the bill is necessary to improve the immigration system and emphasized its bipartisan support from the National Border Patrol Council and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.