Biden-Hur Transcript Reveals Aides Jarred His Memory

On Tuesday, The Washington Post reviewed the transcripts of President Joe Biden’s two-day interview with Robert Hur, the Special Counsel tasked with investigating Biden’s classified documents case. The text presents a significantly different image compared to Hur’s initial report.

When analyzing whether a case against Biden could be made, Hur said juries would view Biden as a well-meaning old man and would be treated sympathetically because of his advanced age and impaired memory.  

The February report lent credence to Republican concerns about Biden’s health and eligibility for office. Meanwhile, Biden and his supporters blasted Hur for bringing up Beau Biden, Biden’s late son, even though Hur insisted that Biden had brought up the matter first.

However, a different scenario emerges from the Post’s analysis of the complete discussion transcript.

Hur stated in his story that Biden could not recall the specific day of Beau’s death; however, Biden mentions the exact day, though he did inquire about the year. 

The claims that special counsel Robert Hur was being overly harsh were also refuted. During the initial stages of President Biden’s interview with Hur, the subject of Beau Biden was brought up. At first, Biden brought it up himself, and later, while trying to get his bearings, Biden wondered aloud when his son had died.

According to the transcript of the conversation accessed by The Washington Post, he correctly identified the date as May 30.

When two other people in the room also mentioned the year, Biden asked if it was 2015 when he died.

Shortly after their conversation, Hur proposed that they think about taking a little break.

“No,” Biden said, then detailed how Beau’s death influenced his decision not to seek the presidency in 2016. 

According to the Post, their chat was friendly and cooperative throughout.

Hur resigned as Special Counsel on Monday. On Tuesday, he will likely go before Congress to speak on the sensitive materials issue involving Biden.