Biden Repeats Lie About Kitchen Fire

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Email Headline: Lies On REPEAT – Biden Caught AGAIN!

Over the summer of 2023, perhaps what was the deadliest wildfire in American history occurred in Maui, Hawaii, and hundreds of people perished and thousands of homes were destroyed. While exact causes remain unknown, the utility provider on the island, Hawaiian Electric, has been under intense scrutiny following the events, often being targeted as a leading contributor in the cause of the disaster. Recent information has been reported by the media that supposedly demonstrates that the corporation possessed knowledge about internal risks its power operations presented in the event of a wildfire.

In 2015, the Hawaiian state legislature in Honolulu passed a bill requiring that the state’s energy supply be 100% produced by renewable “green” energy sources by the year 2045. The legislation was the first in the nation to propose such a transition. In 2019, two non-renewable power plants were shuttered to make way for “greener” options. Also, in 2019, Hawaiian Electric reviewed its power grid following the annual wildfire season in the area and learned of problems and risks its infrastructure posed. These perceived risks came primarily in the form of power lines. According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the company only invested $245,000 on wildfire safety measures, a paltry sum.

The sitting president of the United States Joe Biden made yet another gaffe months ago when addressing residents of the island after the fire by attempting to claim that he sympathized with them because he experienced a “small kitchen fire” years ago. Regardless of the ludicrous claim that a small kitchen fire is equivalent to a destructive blaze that claimed life and property in their entireties, it appears Biden was lying about the severity of such fires. In Pennsylvania, Biden lied about the story once again, claiming he almost lost his wife and home in the incident due to a lightning strike. The fire department in charge of addressing the fire has repeatedly said it was insignificant.