Biden’s Selective Use Of Emergency Funds Raises Eyebrows

According to former Trump adviser Jason Miller, who spoke with Newsmax at the end of March, President Joe Biden appears to be selective in his expressions of compassion. This is demonstrated by his delayed response to the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, last year compared to his swift response to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.

Miller told Newsmax that he hates to think it’s just because East Palestine is more Republican and Baltimore is a Democratic city.  He can’t believe it’s that basic that Biden is going to attempt to lead in some manner because Americans don’t think he has any leadership, according to the polls.

Although he has yet to make a personal visit to Baltimore after the bridge collapse, Biden did visit East Palestine in February, over a year after the train derailment.

Reports show that as he spoke from the Oval Office after the collapse of the bridge, Biden assured the public that the whole expense of repairing the structure would be covered by the federal government. The bridge had fallen earlier in the day after being struck by a large cargo ship. He said he would go to Baltimore as soon as possible but didn’t specify when.

Additionally, Biden has been silent on the matter of New York Police Officer Jonathan Diller, who was fatally shot last Monday while conducting a traffic stop. The perpetrator, in this case, apparently had 21 previous offenses.

Reports show that last Thursday, former President Trump attended the wake for Officer Diller on Long Island, who was slain in a shooting that occurred during a traffic check in the city.

Miller added that when you see officers like this who are gunned down, and you see a president of the United States like Joe Biden, who doesn’t even say anything, who won’t even say Officer Diller’s name, because Joe Biden refuses to admit that crime is rampant in the cities and suburbs, it reveals a heartless indifference.