Biden’s Victory Tarnished By ‘Uncommitted’ Votes

While President Joe Biden easily won the Minnesota Democrat primary on Super Tuesday, the “uncommitted” option on the ballot received enough support to garner 11 delegates to the Democratic National Convention, The Hill reported.

Some Arab and Muslim voters in Minnesota followed the lead of a Michigan group by encouraging pro-Palestinian voters to choose “uncommitted” in protest of the president’s support for Israel.

Last month, a group of Muslim and Arab activists launched a campaign called “Listen to Michigan,” urging Democrat voters in the state to send a message to President Biden by voting for “uncommitted” in the primary.

The group’s campaign manager was Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s sister, Layla Elebed.

Rep. Tlaib threw her backing behind the effort in a video posted to the group’s social media account in mid-February, urging voters in her Michigan district to band together and vote “uncommitted” to send a message to Biden that “Enough is enough.”

In Michigan’s February 27 primary, “uncommitted” took 13.3 percent of the vote to secure one delegate.

The success of “Listen to Michigan’s” campaign inspired pro-Palestinian Democrats in other states to try to replicate the effort.

According to Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor party, Biden secured just 64 of the 75 delegates available in the state while “uncommitted” secured the other 11.

Decision Desk reported that Biden won 70 percent of the vote in Minnesota with “uncommitted” securing about 19 percent, placing “uncommitted” ahead of the president’s only challenger, Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips.

Phillips dropped out of the Democrat primary the following day.

Both President Biden and Donald Trump clinched their parties’ nominations after winning in Washington, Georgia, and Mississippi on Tuesday, March 12, marking the start of the 2024 General Election race 238 days before the November 5 election.

According to CBS News, with the nominations secured so early in the primaries, 2024 will be the longest General Election race in modern history.