Bill Barr Endorses Trump, Says Biden ‘Greater Threat to Democracy’

Former Trump administration attorney general Bill Barr has put aside his animosity and praised the former president. Barr expressed his belief that President Joe Biden poses a bigger danger to American democracy than Trump.

On April 20th, Barr (73) told Fox News that the Biden administration poses a bigger danger to democracy. He believes they possess a totalitarian temperament and are committed to the progressive cause. Their goal is to silence dissenting voices and limit free expression. In Barr’s view, the danger lies in the fact that they are a violent gang of thugs.

Barr, one of Trump’s most vocal detractors, had a contentious final year in Trump’s administration amid allegations of election fraud. Despite these criticisms, Barr said he felt compelled to support Trump in the forthcoming election.  Barr claimed that his actions were the source of his troubles, which he considered very disturbing after the election.

“Disturbing” describes how Barr ended investigations into at least three alleged criminal incidences during the 2020 election.

According to a report, then-President Trump called Jeff Clark, who was acting as US Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division of the DOJ, to investigate election fraud claims in many states, including Georgia. For that, Clark has been indicted on criminal charges for his investigations into the matter.

Under Trump, Clark was the acting chief of the civil division of the Justice Department. He cast doubt on the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, which Joe Biden won via late-night vote dumps in many states.

On April 22nd, reporter Breanna Morello asked whether Clark had been instructed to refrain from investigating any of the allegations of election fraud.

Former Attorney General Barr blocked investigations in three distinct instances, as Jeff Clark detailed in his trial testimony and public records.

One instance included US Attorney Bill McSwane of Philadelphia, who claimed to have vital and solid evidence of election fraud that he intended to investigate. Barr declined.  Bill Barr directed Lt. Colonel Tony Schaffer (Military intelligence) to cease his investigation of that event and others like it.

Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL) former legal partner, Larry Keefe, was the US Attorney for one of Florida’s districts. Gaetz forwarded an investigation to Clark regarding Democrat Andrew Gillum’s alleged involvement in electoral fraud as he ran for governor. Even though Larry Keefe wanted to look into it, Bill Barr instructed him to stop.