Boebert Calls Temp GOP Rep. Replacement a ‘Swamp’ Pick

Rep. Lauren Boebert may face opposition in her attempt for reelection when a committee of Colorado Republicans chooses a candidate to fill the months that remain of GOP Rep. Ken Buck’s term.

This development adds a unique and perplexing element to a highly watched primary campaign for a seat that Boebert, supported by former President Donald Trump, has never represented before. The committee’s pick is to defeat the Democrat contender in the special election, end Buck’s tenure, and solidify the Republicans’ tenuous hold on the House.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump lauded Boebert’s stance on many key matters. Trump wrote that she has spearheaded efforts to impeach Joe Biden, end illegal immigration, safeguard the Second Amendment, assist our nation’s soldiers and veterans, safeguard our nation’s natural resources to achieve energy dominance, and confront the extremist Democrats who seek to destroy our country.

In a recent press release, Boebert accused the establishment of trying to manipulate the election by arranging a shady agreement behind closed doors. She referred to the effort as electoral tampering.

One of the present Republican primary contenders for the seat will likely be chosen by the committee. The committee is expected to choose one of Boebert’s opponents, and she has chosen to complete her present term in her old district.

Candidates without Boebert’s national recognition and budget might gain by running in two elections for a single seat until June. This would boost their exposure, media coverage, and donations.

According to Denver Center on American Politics director Seth Masket, Ken Buck’s objectives are unknown. It was already an unpredictable race, but this makes it tougher for her.

Boebert has a reputation for being a tough politician.

Opponents of Boebert in the local primary race accused her of using her position to her advantage.

She said that her continued engagement in Congress is necessary and that leaving her old district helps Republicans in maintaining their House majority and seat.

After Buck chose not to run for government last year, citing his party’s support for Trump as his reason, Boebert may switch districts. Bickering in Congress was Buck’s excuse for abruptly resigning on March 22nd.