Break-In at California Family’s Home Leaves Them Shaken

The horrific house invasion that occurred over the weekend in San Bernardino County has left a family in shock and very confused.

On May 12th, around midnight, someone broke into a residence on Concord Lane in Redlands, California.

The four or five masked males who broke into the residence and activated the alarm system didn’t seem to care whether anybody was there, according to Stanley Trammel, who spoke with local media.

All the lights were turned on while Trammel’s spouse was downstairs watching TV, according to him. He was upstairs, asleep, as was the couple’s 21-year-old son.

According to what Trammel’s wife said, there was a huge boom followed by an additional one, as he indicated that the door wouldn’t break after they kicked it the first time. She shrieked as a man walked in.

The men, who were all black-clad, forcibly removed Trammel’s son from bed. Trammel struggled with a cane to ward off an intruder brandishing a rifle. His wife hurt herself after tripping and hitting her head while trying to flee the suspects.

Trammel claims the terrifying experience lasted no more than five to seven minutes and that none of the intruders spoke a word the whole time.

Nobody knows for sure why the family’s house was broken into or what the burglars were trying to acquire. Trammel said that they were searching the bedrooms on the upper floor. They never asked for money or jewelry. The invaders didn’t take anything, which left the family perplexed.

After the criminals had escaped, the cops showed up.

Redlands police officers scoured the area but found nothing.

The normally tranquil area has some worried homeowners who are thinking of beefing up their security measures.

Trammel’s wife was brought to the hospital after suffering a fall and an impact on her head. She has since been discharged and is healing.

Authorities have not made any arrests or issued any descriptions of suspects at this time. The Redlands Police Department is asking anybody who may have information on the break-in to come forward.