California Christian Club Fights Back After City Removes Historic Cross

In the United States, there is an escalating crisis at the border. Over 5 million illegal migrants are estimated to have crossed the intentionally porous U.S. southern border under Bidens watch, threatening national security. Working class families have been forced to grapple with record levels of inflation not seen in decades as the cost of living continues to rise. Foreign adversaries of the United States like Russia and China have been emboldened, acting aggressively in the face of incompetent leadership from the White House.

Biden has often appeared incoherent, inept, and weak. He routinely falters when attempting to deliver public remarks, and often presents himself in a manner which projects dizziness and uncertainty. The American public has certainly taken notice, as the president’s approval ratings continue to plummet. The latest poll shows a 61% disapproval rating. In total, Biden has spent a heavy portion of his presidency “on vacation”. This is an alarming statistic, especially given the volatile state of affairs in America under his leadership. Average families across the country are struggling to make ends meet, and the quality of life in the country continues to decline as economic and cultural decay continues to worsen.

As America increasingly appears like a nation without a leader, some individuals have alleged that the federal bureaucracy may be intentionally targeting its own citizens. Recent reports emerged stating that the FBI was abundantly targeting Catholic Americans for their openly-pro-life stances and parishes and pro-life organizations affiliated with the Christian denomination were profiled by the bureau. In another recent development, in the far-left state of California, a Christian cross has been deemed offensive by leftist groups who compared it to the cross-burning displays of the “KKK”. But the cross has been maintained by a club known as the Albany Lions Club during Christmas and Easter in the town for over 50 years. The group has been fighting back against these ridiculous calls for removal.