Car Park Collapses at Dutch Hospital, Search and Rescue Underway

At Nieuwegein’s St. Antonius Hospital in the Dutch province of Utrecht, several ramps have given way in the facility’s car park.

According to the regional Utrecht province security agency, a search and rescue operation was initiated late Sunday night when the ramps used by automobiles to move between levels in the parking garage of the Sint Antonius hospital in Nieuwegein collapsed.

A representative from the regional safety office in Utrecht stated on Monday morning that, thankfully, no people were entombed under the debris.

Urban Search and Rescue Netherlands (USAR.NL) and two other specialized rescue teams used three search dogs to explore the parking lot thoroughly.

Two roads go to the six-story building. Renowned business Q-Park owns the building, even though it is on hospital property.

On Monday, rescue workers from a Dutch hospital stated they do not believe anyone was hurt after searching through the night for victims following the collapse of a section of a six-story parking garage.

Following the collapse, which occurred after normal visiting hours at the hospital, the search revealed that no one was trapped beneath the gray pile of rubble. Searches included sniffer dogs, drones, and the hospital’s own staff calling all of their colleagues.

Firemen and other emergency services were inspecting the building to determine its safety for re-entry.

Around 4 p.m. EDT on April 18, 2023, in New York City, a parking garage structure partly collapsed in the Financial District of Manhattan. One person died, five were injured, and surrounding buildings had to be evacuated at 57 Ann Street. 

Since 1957, the building has been subject to many building infractions. In 2003, the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) discovered concrete flaws in the stairs. The DOB also discovered fractures in the first-floor ceiling, spalling concrete, steel beams without concrete coatings, and cracked concrete that was substandard.

Parking garage inspections were focused on after this tragedy.