Christie Accuses Trump Of Getting Worse And Worse

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Email Headline: Trump BLASTED – Getting ‘Worse and WORSE!’

Republican Presidential candidate Chris Christie has increased his attacks on former President Trump and said his behavior is “getting worse and worse by the day.” Speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper, Christie said Trump’s quoting of Russian President Vladimir Putin was a new low. “He has always been approving of Putin right from the beginning of his presidency,” he said.

Mr. Trump quoted Putin’s view that President Biden’s “persecution of his political rival” proved that America’s system is rotten and, therefore, the United States has no business lecturing other countries about Democracy.

Criticisms of the former President increased following the event in New Hampshire, with some commentators declaring that he sounds like a dictator for calling his opponents “vermin” and saying immigrants were “poisoning the blood of our country.” Trump also prompted alarm when he warned he would prosecute his foes and, during an interview with Sean Hannity, stated that he would be a dictator, but only on day one. Trump later said that comment was a joke.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the most outspoken of all the Republican candidates and has stated that he entered the race solely to tell “the truth” about Donald Trump. During the four GOP debates that have taken place so far, Christie condemned his fellow candidates for weakness in failing to hold Trump to account.

In his first campaign ad, released in mid-December, Mr. Christie described himself as the only candidate with the courage to stand up to the former President and again called out his fellow contenders for attacking each other while ignoring the frontrunner. “Chris Christie is the only one who can beat Trump because he’s the only one trying to beat Trump,” the ad stated.

However, pressure is growing on Christie from Trump opponents who believe he should drop out. Sarah Matthews, a former official in the Trump administration, said his presence in the race is dividing the vote and helping the former President win the nomination.