Church Of England Opens Investigation Over Pronoun Issue

A vicar who voiced his disapproval of LGBT activity within the clergy and brought attention to the fact that a transvestite archdeacon is genuinely a man is now under investigation by the Church of England (CofE).

On June 16, 38-year-old Rev. Brett Murphy uploaded a 32-minute video to YouTube discussing various issues related to LGBT advocacy among Christians. Although the Anglican hierarchy probably approved of his criticism in the video of the Roman Catholic pope, he went too far in his condemnation of Rev. R. Mann, a male transvestite who has identified as a “lesbian” in the past.

Mann presented himself on his website as someone who writes liturgy that attempts to be critical of patriarchy and liberating for both men and women, and he identified as a “feminist and queer writer.”

In 2020, he said he was self-evidently a woman, yet happy he was previously a man.

In response to what the CofE describes as “deliberately disparaging and insulting” comments made by the Rev. Brett Murphy toward Rev. Canon Dr. Rachel Mann soon after the June appointment, the latter is set to receive an official censure.

It was said that Mann was a “beacon of light and optimism,” according to LGBT+ activists when Mann was appointed.

Rt Rev Saju Muthalaly, Bishop of Loughborough, downplayed a previous grievance in his remarks, stating that no more disciplinary measures were necessary. However, the inquiry was reopened when the CofE’s tribunal arm reviewed the allegation.

In addition to the permanent mark on his “blue file,” a clergy member’s record, Rev. Murphy warned that he runs the danger of being ineligible for future employment within the CofE.

After considering Murphy’s July announcement that he was quitting the Church of England and instead joining the Free Church of England, Bishop Saju Muthalay of Loughborough decided that no disciplinary action was required.