Colorado Schools Turn Welfare Agencies as Migrant Children Enrol

In the United States, things are far from stable and content in the overarching picture of society. Things have become quite volatile in nearly every regard- in economic, social, and cultural terms. The average American has been crushed by the rampant effects of inflation. Since 2021, the cost of living within the nation has skyrocketed, and people have truly struggled to make ends meet. It is estimated that over 60% of the nation is living paycheck to paycheck, and things like groceries, energy bills, and other basic necessities have risen so sharply in price that people have downgraded in terms of life and living quality. Additionally, wages have remained stagnant, and under inflation, many reports estimate that peoples real buying power and the extent in which their wages can be stretched has shrank.

As Americans continue to experience an overarching decline in the safety of their communities and a deterioration of their culture and the quality of ordinary life, many have truly felt less safe. In a recent poll released by Gallup, it appears that about 40% of the 1,009 adults responding to the poll fear walking alone at night within a mile of their residences (well within their own familiar community). 53% of women and 26% of men responded in a way that shows fear. The last time people felt this fearful was in 1993, when America’s violent crime rate was markedly higher than today.

As people continue to suffer fiscally and socially, the crisis at the nations southern border continues to worsen. It is estimated that millions of illegal migrants have entered the country since 2021, and tens of thousands continue to arrive by the day as the quality of life within the nation continues to deteriorate. In the state of Colorado, public schools have become flooded with migrants. The American taxpayer has been forced to shoulder the burden of foreigners while being unable to financially support themselves.