Controversy Surrounds Super Bowl Over National Anthem Announcement

Throughout the annals of American history, it has been a hallmark statement that newfound immigrants to the shores of the union have carried the belief that with hard work, a prosperous existence could be secured. In the country’s contemporary state of affairs, America is not the place it historically has been. Since president Joe Biden first entered the White House several years ago, conditions within the nation have deteriorated. Economically, record levels of inflation brought about by irresponsible spending in Washington cripple the shrinking middle class, devaluing the dollar. Families continue to stumble under the increasing burdens they face, with nearly 60% living paycheck to paycheck. Alarmingly, the general public is not optimistic when considering the future of the country.

Despite worsening conditions domestically, many citizens remain woefully distracted by “pop culture”. Indeed, in contemporary American culture, sports athletes, music artists, and reality tv stars often receive more acclaim than important public servants. In simple terms, the American public at large is badly equipped when it comes to having a basic understanding of national history and the function of their own governing institutions. Despite this, media outlets continue to promote the activities of artists with relative indifference to this reality. According to the sun, Sophie Turner, a 27 year old English actress, moved into one of Taylor Swifts New York apartments following a divorce from Joe Jonas, a pop singer. Swift has received national attention lately for her most recent relationship with football player Travis Kelce. In a recent story, a Catholic priest named Father Daniel Reehill (who is currently serving as the Exorcist of the Diocese of Nashville (Tennessee) claimed that Taylor Swift had conducted elements of the demonic practice of witchcraft into her concert performances.

The NFL has recently come under fire once again for a controversial political decision. At the upcoming super bowl, the “black national anthem” will be played. Many people oppose this divisive, confusing decision.