Criminal’s Deathbed Confession Solves 24-Year Old Double Murder Case

The remains of a mother and daughter, who were murdered twenty-four years ago, were discovered after a confession made by the murderer upon his death.

Susan Carter and her child, Natasha Alex Carter, have been missing since August 2000.  On April 22nd, at the residence of Larry Webb, authorities revealed that they had discovered what seemed to be the bodies of the two females.

Carter and her daughter lived with Webb while she was fighting for custody of her.

Webb was long suspected of the pair’s disappearance.

The North Carolina State Police carried out a search warrant at Webb’s residence over two years ago and discovered evidence. In a presser, FBI Agent Tony Rausa claimed they found a bullet embedded in the wall. Subsequent DNA testing verified that the blood on the bullet belonged to Alex Carter.

Authorities were able to collect sufficient evidence to charge Webb, but he was in terrible condition and residing in a nursing facility. Webb allegedly expressed a desire to confess.

Raleigh County Prosecutor Ben Hatfield described the confession as “detailed.” It was in accordance with the evidence that had been gathered.

Webb confessed that he shot Carter after they got into an argument after he discovered some cash was missing from his house and believed Carter had stolen it. He then killed her daughter, Alex Carter, to evade consequences.  After the murders, Webb said he stashed their bodies in the basement. Webb dug a shallow grave in his yard for two nights following the murders.

Webb informed authorities where he had placed the bodies, but he was unable to provide an exact location due to his declining memory, even after being taken to the site. His backyard was excavated, and the remains were found three days later.

Webb was transferred from his nursing facility to one at a prison, where he died. Webb was declared dead at Montgomery General Hospital on April 22nd, and on that day, investigators found Susan and Alex.