Elderly Orange County Man Killed in Hit-and-Run Crash

A beloved grandfather from Orange County, California tragically lost his life last week in a hit-and-run accident which caused his vehicle to hit a median, tree, and light pole where his car then flipped over. The accident was caused by another driver turning right against a red light, which caused the elderly man to swerve and lose control of his vehicle. Orange County authorities say the suspect is still at large.

The elderly man was identified by Irvine Police as Allen Yangkaou Lee, who was 67 years old, and the patriarch of his family. The tragic accident occurred on May 9th, when Lee driving northbound in Irvine, CA at around 4:30 PM. Authorities reported that as Lee passed an intersection, the suspect motorist sped out and made an illegal right turn at a red light. Lee swerved away from the oncoming suspect to avoid crashing. However, at this point, Lee lost control of his vehicle where he collided with a median, telephone, and tree where the car then flipped over upside down, landing on its roof.

Irvine Police Department released dashcam footage which shows the suspect making the illegal right turn, who was driving a beige-colored older model Honda Civic. Dashcam footage shows the suspect not stopping to help Lee and fleeing the scene right after. Local EMS services arrived and rushed Lee to a nearby hospital. Lee succumbed to his severe injuries four days later on May 13th.

Lee’s daughter described him as “generous and very caring”. His son stated that Lee was loved. Lee’s family hopes that the fleeing suspect will be apprehended soon as they also said that they are extremely thankful to the many good samaritans who stopped to help Lee after the accident.

Irvine Police described the suspect’s vehicle as having racing decals alongside the doors and red paint on the door handles. Authorities have asked anyone with information to come forward to authorities.