EU Claims Voters Will Be Tricked Into Voting Conservative

European Union officials are concerned that patriotic politicians and parties will gain even more support in 2024 and that voters will be duped into supporting them. European Commission Vice-President and Foreign Affairs spokesman Josep Borrell told Britain’s left-wing Guardian newspaper that “hormones” will prompt Europeans to vote for conservative candidates.

“It’s scientifically proven that fear in the face of the unknown and uncertainty generates a hormone that calls for a security response. This is a fact,” Borrell said. He did not say why Europeans may be afraid or mention the violent migrant crime wave the continent is experiencing but appeared to blame fear on the media. “We are invaded by a media world of threats,” he claimed.

Interestingly, some years ago, the Guardian admitted that most crime is not covered by news outlets, particularly when immigrants are involved. “Research reveals that 99% of crime is not revealed to the media,” the Guardian reported in 2011.

EU alarm about democracy is likely related to the rise of nationalist and patriotic figures across Europe, notably Geert Wilders’ victory in the Dutch general election in late 2023. Wilders is a fiercely outspoken critic of immigration, the European Union, and, most notably, Islam.

Mr. Wilders has been an active political figure in the Netherlands for over two decades, and the mainstream media and political class have successfully pushed him to the margins. The justice system prosecuted him for “hate speech,” and the media framed him as a highly dangerous man. Nevertheless, his party won the largest number of seats in the country’s Parliament for the first time in 2023, sparking alarm among Europe’s ruling elites.

When Wilders’ victory became apparent, European media outlets began publishing alarmist headlines, emphasizing the fear experienced by the Netherlands’ Muslim community. Wilders calls for mass deportation of Muslims and has described Islamic culture as “retarded.” He also said he would hold a referendum in the Netherlands and urge its people to vote to leave the EU.