Ex-Migrant Detainee Accused of Threatening Cops with Knife

In the United States and everywhere across the western world, the state of affairs in relation to politics, in international, social, domestic, fiscal, and cultural natures for many countries have become incessantly troubling. Indeed, the western world increasingly appears a region on a serious decline. Western and northern Europe have long been known as the regions of Europe that arguably contributed more to the creation of the modern shape of the world at large than any other nations. But in the present day, the region and all of the west at large appears like a place without an identity, destined to be headed for serious, irrevocable decline and possibly collapse. Other world powers, like Russia, China, and Iran, are growing more powerful with each passing day, and very quickly a new axis of capable world powers in opposition to NATO and the traditional western bloc led by the United States appear to be surpassing the wests capabilities in fiscal and military regards. War continues to rage in Ukraine and in the middle east, and as European nations continue to spend billions to aid Ukraine, Russia continues to slowly destroy the nation through a conflict of attrition.

Another problem that has seriously compounded the decline of the western world has been the trends of unfettered migration from the third world into traditionally European, first-world countries. In the United States, since 2021 and the election of Joe Biden, millions of illegal migrants have entered the country. In Europe, another problem altogether exists, with massive waves of Islamic, African, and Asian migration completely destroying the cultural composition of many of these nations over the last several decades.

One nation, such as Australia, has suffered tremendously. Despite the nation banning firearms and not being in the European hemisphere, the country continues to face a migration crisis. One migrant was detained after resisting and assaulting a police officer. Things are simply concerning in the west.