FBI Abuse Of Power Exposed In Explosive Report

Email: FBI CORNERED – Crusade Against Christians EXPOSED!
In a recently released interim report, congressional lawmakers shed light on the FBI’s alarming efforts to label individuals with conservative religious beliefs as potential threats, leading to extensive state surveillance and “mitigation.”

The report, presented by the House Judiciary Committee and its Select Subcommittee, uncovered several concerning findings regarding the FBI’s conduct:

The FBI misused its counterterrorism tools to single out Catholic Americans as potential domestic terrorists, infringing upon their religious freedom.

The Bureau relied on at least one undercover agent to gather information and develop assessments targeting conservative Catholics.

The FBI proposed the development of sources within the Catholic clergy and church leadership, further encroaching on the religious liberties of millions of Catholic Americans.

These revelations came to light thanks to the courageous disclosure of former FBI special agent Kyle Seraphin. Seraphin blew the whistle in February, exposing an internal memo released by the FBI field office in Richmond. The memo warned of the attraction of “Radical traditionalist Catholic ideology” to violent extremists.

Following the initial revelations, the House Judiciary Committee’s Chairman, Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), issued a subpoena to FBI Director Christopher Wray, demanding documents related to the internal memo from January 2023. However, the FBI’s lack of cooperation prompted a deeper investigation by the committee.

The recent report from the committee, relying on documents obtained through a subpoena, unveiled that the FBI lacked a valid reason to engage federal law enforcement in Catholic houses of worship. The justification for this anti-Catholic effort was rooted in labeling a single parishioner under investigation as a “radical-traditionalist Catholic.” FBI agents conducted interviews with the parishioner’s priest and choir director while compiling the memo.

Disturbingly, FBI employees were unable to provide a clear definition of the “Radical traditionalist Catholic” descriptor. Nonetheless, this vague and isolated case became the centerpiece of an FBI-wide memo, warning of the alleged dangers posed by “radical” Catholics.

Adding to the concern, the two FBI employees responsible for drafting the internal memo admitted that their sources, cited within the document, were politically biased. These sources included the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Atlantic, and Salon.

Salon, known for its biased reporting, has even claimed that “MAGA and Christian nationalism” pose more significant threats than Hamas. The Southern Poverty Law Center has gone as far as suggesting that “radical traditionalist Catholics” represent a severe group of antisemites in America.

In a later admission, the FBI acknowledged that the memo had failed to consider the potential bias and credibility of the sources cited. Moreover, the alleged link between racially motivated violent extremists and “Radical traditionalist Catholics” lacked sufficient evidence or support.