GOP Rep. Stefanik Claims Biden Is ‘Threat To Democracy’

In a recent interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik voiced her concerns about President Biden and the Democratic Party, claiming they threaten democracy. Stefanik argued that their efforts to remove Donald Trump from the 2024 ballots are an attempt to suppress the American people.

When asked if she would vote to certify the results of the 2024 election, regardless of the outcome, Stefanik responded by saying that they would evaluate the legality and validity of the election. She also expressed optimism that the US Supreme Court would ensure Trump’s place on critical ballots leading up to the 2024 election.

Stefanik referenced previous objections to the 2020 election results, explicitly citing Pennsylvania’s election policy changes made by the state’s Supreme Court and Secretary of State. These changes, including removing signature matching requirements, were implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stefanik argued that these changes were unconstitutional.

The interview also touched on legal disputes surrounding Trump’s eligibility for the primary ballot in Colorado and Maine. The Colorado Supreme Court ruled him ineligible based on the Disqualification Clause in the 14th Amendment and his involvement in the January 6 Capitol riot. However, the US Supreme Court’s intervention has halted the ruling. Similarly, Maine’s Secretary of State initially moved to remove Trump from the state’s ballot but is awaiting the US Supreme Court’s decision on the Colorado case.

Stefanik echoed Trump’s rhetoric by referring to individuals involved in the Capitol riot as “hostages.” She expressed concerns about their treatment and emphasized Congress’s oversight role in ensuring fair treatment of prisoners.

Regarding the ongoing criminal charges against Trump, Stefanik criticized what she called “baseless witch hunt investigations and lawsuits” targeting the former president. She argued that these investigations pose a real threat to democracy.

When asked about the possibility of serving as Trump’s running mate in 2024, Stefanik expressed openness and said she would be honored to serve in any capacity in a Trump administration.

Stefanik also addressed concerns about Trump’s rhetoric, particularly his statement about migrants “poisoning the blood of our country.” She argued that the media’s bias and the Biden campaign’s talking points misrepresented these statements. Stefanik attributed the border crisis to the wide-open border policies of the Biden administration, stating that it is causing harm to Americans through fentanyl-related overdoses.

As the No. 4 House Republican, Stefanik predicted that President Biden would be found to be the most corrupt president in US history.