Growing Number Of Dems Support Trump

According to recent polling patterns, a growing percentage of Democrats believe that former President Donald Trump has the ability to improve the nation.

The increase is among Democrats who now see Trump favorably instead of believing that he poses a danger to democracy and would deepen rifts within the nation, as shown by a number of Harvard CAPS/Harris surveys.

According to a March study, thirty-three percent of Democrats think that Trump would improve things in the United States. This is a rise of three points from the previous month’s survey and five points from the January poll. In January, 72% of Democrats said that if elected, Trump would radically split the nation and pose a threat to democracy. In February, this number dipped to 70%; in March, it dropped even lower to 67%.

In November, 71 percent of Democrats voiced worries about Trump’s potential effects on democracy, compared to 29 percent who saw him as a force for good.

Although recent surveys have shown encouraging improvements for President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, the pattern raises worries. In the last six months, the Democrat has significantly outperformed Trump in several battleground states. This suggests that Biden may have a chance to recover, particularly as their rematch gets closer.

Trump is still leading in states like Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, and North Carolina. The current Republican front-runner is leading Biden by 1.6 percentage points, according to RealClearPolling averages. When they faced up in 2020, Biden had a 7-point advantage over Trump.

Democratic support for the former president has grown since his departure from office in 2021, even though he has always faced criticism within the party.

The March Harvard-Harris survey showed that a sizable percentage of Democrats—roughly 29 percent—expressed some degree of support for Trump’s duties as commander-in-chief. According to a January 2020 Harvard-Harris survey, just 14% of Democratic participants said they were satisfied with how Trump was conducting the administration.

Some Democrats may be leaning toward Trump, but Biden still holds a commanding lead in his party. Although Americans have an average 45 percent approval rating for Biden, 84 percent of Democrats say they approve of the president over Trump.

When questioned about Biden’s development, decline, or stability in the March survey, the majority of Democrats—52 percent—expressed a favorable opinion of his advancement. Compared to 45% in January, 49% of respondents said Biden was making progress in February.