Influencer Furious For Being Removed From Nikki Haley Rally

A video showing the expulsion of controversial activist Laura Loomer from a Nikki Haley campaign event has gone viral online. Loomer posted a video on Twitter strongly condemning the Republican Presidential candidate, saying Haley was “triggered” by her presence. “How does Nikki Haley plan on dealing with Putin and Xi if she can’t even handle Laura Loomer?” she asked before accusing the former UN Ambassador of “acting like a dictator.”

The pro-Trump commentator said she applied for tickets to the event, which were approved without any issue. She added that she had attended rallies hosted by Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis and had yet to meet with any hostility.

Laura Loomer has a long history of making controversial statements and has previously been banned from Twitter/X. Following the ban, she chained herself to the door of Twitter headquarters while wearing a yellow star on her coat. She is also banned from Facebook and Instagram, and even the ride-sharing service Uber. In 2020, Loomer surprised Republicans by winning a primary race in Florida. She lost the subsequent election to Democrat Lois Frankel by 20 points.

The Tucson-born activist rose to notoriety in 2015 when she secretly recorded a conversation with officials at Barry University in the Sunshine State and asked them if she could create a student group devoted to the terror group ISIS. She reported that the college approved the idea as long as she changed the name to “Students in Support of the Middle East.” She calls herself a proud Islamophobe and was banned from Uber when she publicly advocated the creation of a cab service that did not employ Muslims.

When she won her Republican primary in Florida, Donald Trump congratulated her online but later withdrew his remarks. “Great going, Laura. You have a great chance against a Pelosi puppet!” Trump tweeted. Republican Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene subsequently publicly advised Mr. Trump that Loomer was “mentally unstable and a documented liar.”