Iran ATTACK – American Employees WARNED!

Tensions are ratcheting up again in the Middle East. Even as the Iran-backed Hamas continues to fight Israeli forces, skirmishes between Iran-backed Houthi terrorists and the American navy continue in the Red Sea near Yemen are ongoing, and attacks against an Iranian consulate in the region, American officials are bracing for a major attack by Iran against the Holy Land.

The US embassy in Israel has advised its staff not to travel beyond Tel Aviv, Beersheba, or Greater Jerusalem, citing “an abundance of caution.” Iran, it seems, blames Israel for a strike against its Syrian embassy which killed 13 people in early April of this year. Tehran has vowed retaliation.

Those killed include several important military figures, most visibly a commander of the Quds, an elite Iranian force operating in Syria and Lebanon. The attack came in the midst of diplomatic efforts to keep the Hamas war from breaking out across the region.

Israel has not claimed responsibility for the embassy attack, but analysts across the world generally agree that it was behind the action. It is seen as a natural strategic move considering the current protracted proxy campaign—which includes Hamas, Hezbollah, and various other Tehran-backed groups across the region—that Iran is waging against Israel.

US President Joe Biden, in comments on Wednesday, warned that the US expects a “significant attack” soon, and has vowed “ironclad” support for Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, said that Israel was prepared for the challenge, and would visit severe harm against any country that harmed or plotted to harm Israel.

US officials informed CBS news that they expect the attack as soon as April 12. One official, who was not named in the CBS report, said that the attack was expected to include dozens of cruise missiles, more than a hundred drones, and maybe even ballistic missiles. The attack is expected to strike several military targets within Israel.