IRS Office in Houston Shuts Early As Fight Erupts in Queue

According to local sources, a brawl broke out in line at an IRS office in Houston, forcing the facility’s closure as hundreds of people waited to file their taxes. A considerable number of individuals reportedly attempted to enter the building simultaneously, which caused tempers to flare.

Two individuals got into a fight while waiting to enter the IRS office at Alliance Tower in the Braeburn Glen area southwest of Downtown on Saturday, suddenly forcing the office to close at 9:20 a.m.

After the Houston branch, the nearest facility for walk-ins is in Austin, 146 miles away and out of reach for many people.

Houston police were dispatched to assist in dispersing the throng.

Dissatisfied taxpayers allegedly attacked IRS workers, but a police spokeswoman denied the allegations. According to the police official, she is unaware of who or what reported the assault on government personnel. A dispute broke out amongst those waiting to enter the IRS office. No staff were explicitly targeted in the altercation.

One woman in line told reporters she had traveled over 200 miles by bus only to speak with an IRS agent face-to-face. She was able to get in the queue at about 7 a.m., but she still couldn’t talk to anybody. As the final chance for a “face-to-face” tax filing before Monday’s deadline, witnesses say that a line of taxpayers began to develop as early as 4 a.m.

Taxpayers experiencing problems or inquiries may speak with IRS representatives in person at these events, and they don’t even need an appointment. But, according to Henry Castro, another customer at the IRS location, nearly everyone showed up as a walk-in with no appointments, which caused the problems.

The IRS said it made an effort to gather contact information for those who could not get assistance. It assured them that its offices and phone lines would be manned at all times and that it would provide additional help throughout the week.

Monday, April 15, was the last day to submit your taxes or request an extension.