Jeffries Turns Blind Eye To Lack Of Black Enthusiasm For Biden

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries dismissed concerns about recent polling that showed a softening of President Biden’s support among black voters compared to 2020, The Hill reported.

A CBS News Super Tuesday poll found that while President Biden held a 53-point lead over Donald Trump among back voters, 76 to 23, this support was soft compared to the 2020 election in which Biden carried about 90 percent of the black vote.

When asked about the CBS News poll in an interview with “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan, Jeffries dismissed the results, noting that opinion polls had “been all over the place.”

He said he was certain that black voters would overwhelmingly vote for President Biden in November, claiming that the president “has delivered over and over and over again” on issues black voters cared about.

Jeffries cited the current unemployment rate among black Americans, the president’s “investment” in black colleges and universities, and Biden’s efforts to support minority-owned businesses as reasons black voters would again back the president in November.

Jeffries took issue with Margaret Brennan’s view that there was a “lack of enthusiasm” among black voters, claiming that this wasn’t something he saw in his own Brooklyn congressional district or anywhere else in the country. He claimed that no matter where he traveled, he had seen a “high degree of enthusiasm” from black voters for President Biden.

Jeffries also insisted that the president’s State of the Union address bolstered voter enthusiasm for the president’s agenda. He claimed that the president’s speech was “strong,” “serious,” and “substantive” and drew a “clear contrast” between Biden’s “inclusive” vision of the country and the “extreme MAGA Republicans” who seek to “turn back the clock.”

In a December survey from GenForward, 20 percent of black voters said they would prefer to vote for someone other than Joe Biden or Donald Trump in the November election.