Johnny Depp Plans Comeback into Public Life With Release of Rum Brand

Johnny Depp, 60, has reportedly been plotting a return to the spotlight after a year of relative obscurity. 

During his “gap year” after his 2022 court battles with ex-wife Amber Heard, Depp grew his hair long, gained weight, and concentrated on creating music and paintings. 

Little Parrot Cay, Depp’s Caribbean island worth $5 million, has been the site of months-long retreats for the actor and a small group of close friends. After the shocking deaths of two of his closest friends, Jeff Beck and Shane MacGowan, Depp began to reevaluate his own life. His self-destructive marriage to Heard lasted two years and was marked by frequent drinking and the use of “powders.”

The latest makeover sees Depp with a leaner, more trim appearance, which he now flaunts. He gradually shed the pounds by focusing on his breathing, eating healthily, and putting his well-being first. He consulted with Odile Gilbert, a renowned hairdresser in Paris, to style his unruly locks.

This makeover couldn’t have been better timed for Depp, who is set to appear in an upcoming Dior campaign, again serving as their top celebrity endorsement and representing their top-selling fragrance, Sauvage.

Depp is planning ambitious new cinematic projects and intends to finish his metamorphosis by the autumn. Friends have even hinted that Depp’s own brand of rum will be available to fans in the near future. His most famous role, Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean films, would undoubtedly benefit from a booze line.

Everyone speculates if Depp will play the beloved character Jack Sparrow again, even if in a cameo role. Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer said he would be thrilled to have Depp return. He is collaborating with Disney on the highly-touted plans to revive the property. 

Depp said he wouldn’t reprise the role for $300 million.