MAGA Republicans Score After GA Judge Issues Ruling

Over the last several years, the political and cultural climate within the United States has markedly deteriorated. Tensions have risen, and division and polarization have grown; it could be argued that in the current state of affairs the nation is more divided than it has ever been since the American Civil War some 160 years ago. Ultimately, these divisions are not likely to heal overnight and may worsen considerably before a reversal in mood and sentiment can be achieved. The 2024 presidential election remains distant, but nears closer. The former president of the United States Donald Trump appears likely to face off against the incumbent Joe Biden in a rematch of the 2020 presidential election.

Biden remains vulnerable and unpopular, and has governed in a poor manner. Economically, the nation has suffered under his leadership, and inflation has ravaged American families. Interest rates have skyrocketed, and housing prices have reached levels so high that median income families in much of the country simply cannot afford to own a home. Donald Trump, while also unpopular and facing four criminal indictments, stands locked in a dead heat in many recent electoral polls with the incumbent president. Trump continues to maintain a large lead in the GOP primary and is ahead of his nearest challengers Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley by nearly 50 points.

Democrats have done everything they can to try to remove Trump from the ballot- hindering him with litigation and even using the state Supreme Court of Colorado to deliver a ludicrous ruling that he should be barred from the states primary ballot. Trump has long alleged corruption in the American system and continues to state that the 2020 election was rigged. Supporters of Trump breathed a sigh of relief in Georgia recently after a court ruled that their attempts to question the validity of thousands of voters before the 2021 Senate runoffs did not violate the voting rights act.