Massive Rally As Border Convoy Reaches Destination

The situation at the American southern border continues to deteriorate by the day. Since the 2020 presidential election which occurred at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the former president Donald Trump was defeated by the democratic challenger Joe Biden in a hotly contested contest. Trump became a one term president and Biden assumed office in January 2021. Since then, it is estimated that some 5.5 million or more illegal migrants have been allowed to enter the country in an unprecedented and shocking occurrence. The federal government has appeared incompetent or unwilling to address the situation at the border and the crisis continues to worsen with each passing day. Tens of thousands of migrants have arrived daily and many have flooded major cities. Places like New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia and other major urban centers in the United States have been downright overwhelmed with the swarms of new residents.

These individuals have largely been housed on taxpayer expenses in hotels and other buildings, clothed and fed. Even in Utah, a Republican dominated state, healthcare was given to the children of illegal migrants. In places like Staten Island, New York, migrants were housed in apartment living complexes much to the chagrin of local residents. Even a school in Brooklyn was closed for a day to temporarily house migrants and parents were outraged. As the problem worsens, states like Texas and Florida are taking matters into their own hands by installing barbed wire and deploying national guard troops to the region despite the protests from the federal government.

Even private citizens appear to be up in arms, and many have headed directly to the border themselves. Hundreds of frustrated Americans arrived in the state of Texas to partake in a rally known as the “Take our Border Back” convoy. People met at a private location in Quemado, Texas. The region is near Eagle Pass, a prime location for mass illegal migration.