McCarthy’s Resignation Puts Major Pressure On GOP

Over the last half-a-century and even prior, the state of American life for ordinary citizens has slowly worsened. In truth, both major political parties have governed in ways detrimental to the citizens of America, and politicians at large have sold out the country for their personal enrichment and prestige over many years. Many decisions have been made by politicians have brought about significant economic suffering for working class citizens. The quality of life in the country has deteriorated slowly over the last several decades, and as the economic struggles of the shrinking middle class worsen and the gap between wealthy and poor increases, the only people well off appear corrupt politicians who have enriched themselves while selling out their country.

In recent years, while Democrats have acted in ways that appear to be promoting an agenda bent on destroying America as it has existed historically, Republicans have not been much better. As the left has continued to destroy and degrade foundational American principles and undermine the bedrock foundations of the institutions of government and society essential to the workings of America’s historic national culture, the GOP has appeared inept and unable to truly offer a meaningful alternative to Democratic messaging. The GOP has appeared frequently as a disorganized, weak party and has not been able to galvanize or inspire large groups of voters to consistently support their agenda, largely because they do not have much of their own in terms of solutions to problems being severely exacerbated by the left.

Republicans continued their pattern of embarrassing incompetence this fall when 8 rogue officials sided with Democrats to remove Kevin McCarthy from the speakership in the federal House of Representatives, an unprecedented action in American history. Recently, McCarthy resigned from the house after announcing he would retire in the coming cycle. It is not known what is next for the demoralized politician, who truly got the short end of the stick.