Media Hacks Make Fun Of Voters’ Top Concerns

Liberal media allies and Democrats may keep ignoring immigration concerns, but they are quickly becoming the minority. According to a survey by Monmouth University, over 61% of Americans see illegal immigration as a very serious issue, while 23% see it as moderately serious.

Research has proven that uncontrolled migration leads to lower salaries, cheaper staff, and a strain on public services.

Meanwhile, MSNBC hacks Jan Psaki and Rachel Maddow had a good laugh over the American people who are concerned with illegal immigration.

The comments made by the MSNBC panelists have been criticized as “gross,”

Super Tuesday saw former president Donald Trump beat Nikki Haley in fourteen of fifteen Republican primaries; solid blue Vermont was the lone exception, showing that Haley attracts people who lean left.

Important information on voters’ most pressing concerns was revealed during the primaries.

According to exit surveys done by Edison Research for the National Election Pool, several Republican primary voters in North Carolina and Virginia identified immigration as their key issue. Even though 78% of Virginia Republicans voted for Trump, 38% of those voters cited immigration as their primary issue, while 34% of voters listed the economy as their primary worry. Out of all Republicans in Virginia, only 11% said that national security was their number one issue. A total of 74% of this group voted for Haley.

Among Republicans in North Carolina, 84% supported Trump, and 41% cited immigration as their primary issue. One in ten people ranked abortion as their number one worry, while one-third ranked the economy as their number one problem. By a margin of 4 points, 43% to 39%, Californians were more worried about the economy than immigration. Republican respondents in Virginia(61%), North Carolina (63%), and California (69%), when questioned about the best course of action regarding illegal immigrants in the United States, overwhelmingly supported returning them to their home countries.

64% of voters said they had more faith in Trump’s ability to secure the border than Biden, who has allowed almost a million illegal immigrants to enter the country in the past five months.

Nevertheless, immigration has jeopardized the safety of Virginians and is literally at their doorstep. The charges against the Venezuelan national accused of raping a girl of fourteen years old were filed in Virginia.

Psaki and Maddow cannot possibly think that is funny.