Migrants Who Beat NYPD Officers Arrested

The state of American political, cultural, social and economic affairs has deteriorated markedly over the last several years. Since the 2016 presidential election in which the real estate, business, reality TV and entrepreneurial mogul from New York City Donald Trump achieved an upset and unlikely victory over the democratic challenger Hillary Clinton the state of American politics has shifted increasingly towards a chaotic sphere. A growing divide has heightened tensions between conservatives and progressives and even things like urban vs. rural ways of life have pitted Americans against Americans. Alternate cultures have sprouted up within the country and a sense of national unity is ceasing to exist. What’s worse, 45% of Americans in a recent poll claimed that the American dream was dead, and that it no longer held true. 18% claimed it never existed at all.

This is unsurprising given the economic hardships that the middle class has endured over the last several decades. Median household income fell again last year, and wages have been largely stagnant as inflation has caused the average costs of living to skyrocket. Basic necessities like groceries and household items, energy costs and other things have crushed average Americans. The wealth gap between the very affluent and the lower income has widened considerably. And what’s worse, in 99% of the country for families earning near the median national income of around $70 thousand dollars a year home ownership has been deemed nearly impossible for average people.

At the same time, millions of Illegals have entered the nation through the southern border. Many thousands of these people arrived in American cities. Infrastructure has been overwhelmed and communities have suffered. One school in Brooklyn was even closed for a day to house migrants. Many of these foreigners have been violent and committed serious crimes. Several migrants who beat up NYPD cops were recently arrested in Phoenix. In the present their identities have not yet been released.