New Poll Spells Troubling Future for Democracy

The United States of America remains embroiled in a tense and polarized political atmosphere. The former 45th President of America, Donald Trump remains the clear-cut frontrunner for the party’s presidential nomination, maintaining a large double digit lead over his only remaining challenger, Nikki Haley. While Trump has certainly been hindered by four criminal indictments which limit the amount of time, money, and energy the American business mogul can devote to campaigning, his prospective Democrat opponent the sitting president Joe Biden continues to appear unpopular and incompetent in the eyes of the American public. In the latest polls, Biden scored a 61% disapproval rating in terms of his job performance, and only 26% of Americans have confidence that the 46th President possesses the cognitive ability to handle the office of the presidency. The numbers are unsurprising as the 80 year old career public servant has overseen a problematic time in American domestic affairs.

Since Biden took office in 2021, millions of illegal migrants have crossed the southern border and continue to do so virtually unchecked and inflation has soared to heights not reached in decades. Additionally, the quality of life at large has declined in cities and suburbs across the nation as crime soars in part due to weak Democratic criminal reform policies and a cultural battle rages in schools across the nation as parents battle state governments as parental rights are threatened. In another recent poll, Trump and Biden are statistically tied in a 2024 rematch forecast. The Wall Street Journal produced the report.

It is no secret that political tensions within the United States have risen to what quite possibly is an all-time high. The former 45th president Donald Trump has been a polarizing figure without a doubt, but President Biden himself has not been much better. In a recent poll, 34% of respondents said that Biden would help protect democracy, while 33% said Trump would- showing the divide.