NJ City To Install More Cameras In Response To Fatal Stabbing

On New Year’s Day, Atlantic City faced a tragic situation with two separate fatal incidents. In one case, a man was fatally stabbed, and in another, a man was discovered bleeding on the Boardwalk near death. As investigations into these incidents continue, there has been a growing demand for heightened security in this well-known tourist spot. Given the city’s annual influx of 27 million visitors and its reliance on tourism for economic prosperity, maintaining public safety is more critical than ever.

Recognizing the need for enhanced security, Atlantic City has embarked on a $5 million state-financed program to install 200 additional surveillance cameras throughout city neighborhoods. These cameras, equipped with five independent lenses each, will supplement the existing 3,000 public and private cameras already in operation. The goal is to cover most of the 48-block city, creating a comprehensive surveillance network that enhances law enforcement’s ability to monitor and respond to incidents.

Police Chief James Sarkos describes the deployment of these cameras as a “force multiplier” that extends the reach of law enforcement officers. While they won’t cover every inch of the city, their presence will significantly boost public safety. The project is expected to be completed later this year, further fortifying Atlantic City’s security infrastructure.

However, installing cameras alone cannot solve the complex public safety issue. Statistics from the police department reveal an increase in several categories of significant crime in 2023 compared to the previous year. To address these concerns, city and state officials have invested millions in various initiatives to improve public safety. While progress has been made, changing perceptions will require sustained efforts.

Opinions vary regarding the safety of Atlantic City among locals and tourists. Leonard Hall from Mullica Hill, New Jersey, doubts the city’s safety, noting his disbelief in its security despite surveillance cameras. Conversely, Ed Jessup from Brooklyn, New York, shares that he feels secure while walking around Atlantic City, highlighting the significance of staying alert and conscious of one’s environment, especially at night.

Atlantic City is not alone in its pursuit of increased security measures. Las Vegas, a city with a population 17 times larger and more than six times as many casinos, also utilizes surveillance cameras extensively. While Atlantic City’s efforts may serve as a deterrent to potential criminals, the effectiveness of these measures is contingent upon the criminal justice system’s ability to apprehend and hold offenders accountable.

The existing cameras in Atlantic City have proven helpful in solving crimes, locating lost individuals, and preventing fraudulent claims. Additionally, the real-time monitoring of camera feeds by a surveillance unit at police headquarters ensures swift response and coordination between law enforcement and emergency calls.