No Labels’ Eyes Haley As Potential Candidate

No Labels leader Joe Cunningham said he is “definitely” interested in Nikki Haley becoming the group’s Presidential candidate if she decides to drop out of the Republican race. Cunningham said his group is negotiating with several “spectacular” people and would reveal the results in due course, and not before the Super Tuesday result is known.

Super Tuesday, when several states go to the polls, takes place on March 5, and Nikki Haley insists that she will not drop out until at least after that time. Cunningham told Fox News that only after the main party’s candidates are secure will his group decide if it will join the race with its own contender. “If the vast majority of Americans are unhappy,” he said, “we can put forward a ticket.”

No Labels describes itself as a movement of Americans unhappy with the political status quo and hoping for more “commonsense solutions” to the nation’s issues. In January, NBC reported that No Labels was in touch with former GOP Presidential contender Chris Christie, but the former New Jersey Governor insisted he had no plans to join a No Label ticket.

The organization has prompted criticism from some, particularly those on the political left who say it is helping Donald Trump into the White House. Former Democratic Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, however, insisted this was untrue, and No Labels strategist Ryan Clancy said there is no comparison between its activity in 2024 and the 2000 election where Al Gore lost by small percentages taken by third-party candidates.

Clancy said third candidates would win votes from both major parties and cited a USA Today poll showing Cornel West eating into Biden’s vote and Robert F. Kennedy taking support from Donald Trump. Mr. Nixon added that it is illegitimate for a candidate to claim they lost only because other candidates siphoned off some of their support. He added that he is not supporting Biden because his political time is coming to an end.