North Carolina Teen to be Charged as Adult After Attacking Two Teachers

A North Carolina high school student is facing charges as an adult after allegedly assaulting two instructors on school property recently.

17-year-old Aquavis Hickman of Winston-Salem’s Parkland High School was indicted on counts of assault and abduction. He was charged as an adult in connection with the two heinous incidents, one of which occurred on April 15th and included two strikes against a female teacher’s face.

Jim O’Neil, the district attorney for Forsyth County, has said that they support educators and will be protected. Be prepared for a quick and harsh penalty if you physically attack a teacher.

The female instructor was allegedly terrorized on April 15 by Hickman, who O’Neill said constrained her. The defendant was charged with other counts, including the attack of a government official and transmitting threats against that person. The student threatened to kill the teacher, and the circumstances surrounding the threat led the teacher to believe it would be carried out.

In the first incident on February 1, Hickman faced charges of abduction and misdemeanor riot, and prosecutors stated he was not the only one involved.

Larry Edwards, a substitute teacher, expressed his disgust after being shoved in the corridor by students, one of whom was Hickman.

Hickman was walking mockingly behind Edwards, as he went to the desk to to get his phone to call the office. That’s when he pushed Edward’s head with his hand, which made the other students laugh as Hickman ran off.

Video of the assault went viral after the fact last month, showing the violent adolescent striking the female instructor twice.

According to Winston-Salem Police Chief William Penn, the video went viral throughout the country and negatively portrayed our town. He said they would not stand for it, and he’s happy that word got out to the rest of the country that they won’t tolerate this behavior.

After a grand jury decided to indict the adolescent last week, the matter was transferred to Superior Court.