Officer Killed By Man With Dozens Of Crimes On Rap Sheet

During a traffic stop, a man with many previous criminal charges reportedly shot and killed 31-year-old New York State Police officer Jonathan Diller, who was married and the father of a 1-year-old son.

According to reports, The incident reportedly occurred just before 6 pm, when Diller approached the car in which Guy Rivera (34) was a passenger.

When questioned about Rivera’s refusal to exit the vehicle, NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny stated that he had been given many orders to do so, but the suspect still refused.

According to the allegations, Rivera shot Diller in the stomach, right below his protective vest, while he was taking him from the car.

A witness said that after the suspect fired shots, Diller collapsed to the ground and yelled out that he had been wounded. After taking a shot, Diller kept fighting to take Rivera’s weapon, eventually bringing it to the ground. The witness said Diller was screaming that he was hit and seemed to be crying.

According to Joseph Kenny, chief of detectives for the New York City Police Department, the officer was still injured but managed to seize the pistol as the assailant was reaching for it.  Diller was taken to Jamaica Hospital in a serious condition, but he was subsequently declared dead.

Diller’s partner returned fire, wounding Rivera. After the shooting, the suspect, who had 21 past arrests, was discovered with a shiv hidden in his rectum, suggesting that he was expecting to be incarcerated again.

The nature of Rivera’s next contemplated crime remained unclear. However, a police source said that footage captured at the spot showed him and the driver of the Kia, Lindy Jones, 41, a fellow hardened career criminal known as Killa, sitting in front of a T-Mobile shop for almost ten minutes.

After a second pistol was discovered in his car, Lindy Jones, an ex-con who was driving the vehicle during the incident, was also taken into custody.