People Who Speak Against LGBTQ+ May Be Labeled As ‘Extremists’

In contemporary American culture, sports athletes, music artists, and reality tv stars often receive more acclaim than important public servants. In simple terms, the American public at large is badly equipped when it comes to having a basic understanding of national history and the function of their own governing institutions. Despite this, media outlets continue to promote the activities of artists with relative indifference to this reality. According to the sun, Sophie Turner, a 27 year old English actress, moved into one of Taylor Swifts New York apartments following a divorce from Joe Jonas, a pop singer. Swift has received national attention lately for her most recent relationship with football player Travis Kelce.

In a recent story, a Catholic priest named Father Daniel Reehill (who is currently serving as the Exorcist of the Diocese of Nashville (Tennessee) claimed that Taylor Swift had conducted elements of the demonic practice of witchcraft into her concert performances. Reehill claimed that whether Swift knew it or not, some of her tendencies at shows may be creating energies to summon demons. As progressive culture has continued to infuse every aspect of society (and the influence and traditional integrity of organized Christian religious denominations continues to deteriorate), the Pope of Catholic church declared that the church would now be allowed to “bless” homosexual couples, departing from centuries of tradition. While the pope is no stranger to activism and anti-Christian activity (and had repeatedly weighed in on political issues in the United States while calling for open border policies in terms of migration), not every Catholic priest is on board with this new decree. The Superior General of the Society of St. Pius, Father Davide Pagliarini denounced the Popes decision, calling it a “reinforcement” of sinful gay unions.

In another recent report, the American Defamation league branded Matt Walsh (a conservative journalist) as an extremist due to his questioning of LGBTQ rhetoric. Walsh has openly opposed transgenderism.