PINK Cocaine? Celeb’s Seductress Accused!

Yung Miami, a performer with the City Girls rap group and former girlfriend to embattled superstar Sean Combs (a.k.a. P. Diddy), stands accused of ferrying “pink cocaine” onto a private jet after Combs’s mule forgot to bring the stash along. The allegations surfaced when Miami was named in a blockbuster $30 million lawsuit recently filed against Combs.

The civil suit was filed by Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, an ex-employee of Combs, and also alleges that Miami was brought into Combs’s circle when the hip hop mogul hired her as a call girl.

Amendments to the February suit were filed on March 25, which claims that Miami knowingly brought the pink cocaine (a substance also known as “tusi”) for her on-again off-again lover. The private jet departed from Miami bound for Virginia’s Water Music Festival, and that the pink cocaine came with Yung Miami at the last minute because Brenden Paul, who was normally tasked with supplying drugs to the party, realized he’d forgotten it when he boarded the flight. The filing claims that Jones “personally witnessed” Combs snort several lines of the drug while in his dressing room. Miami was allegedly called in by another defendant in the suit, one Kristina Khorram.

Daphne Joy, formerly the girlfriend of rapper 50 Cent, is also named in the suit. She is the mother of 50 Cent’s 12 year-old son, and one of three women that Combs allegedly kept on retainer for her intimate services. Jones alleges that procuring women for Combs was one of his duties as an employee, and that Comb’s “affiliation” with several high-profile celebrities, including England’s Prince Harry, lent credibility to the entourage and their activities.

Despite this, there has, to date, been no allegation that Prince Harry knew of wrongdoing or engaged in any himself.

Rumors of the romance between Combs and Miami gained currency in 2021, but the pair didn’t confirm their relationship until June of 2022.