Polar Vortex’ Could Allegedly Affect Millions

Meteorologists issued a severe weather warning for large portions of the United States, predicting that a weather emergency would be in effect by the middle of January.

According to meteorologist Ryan Maue’s social media post on January 15, about 90% of the lower 48 states would have temperatures of 32°F or below by that day, with the remaining Lower 48 states seeing temperatures of 0°F or lower due to an arctic blast. A polar vortex will make landfall as far as Texas, causing temperatures to drop 90 degrees below normal in some areas of the country.

He noted that forecasts had historically been more pessimistic, and he predicted that by Monday or Tuesday morning, the temperature in Dallas would drop to 12–14°F, with the whole state experiencing subfreezing temperatures. On Tuesday, he predicted temperatures would rise towards the teens and 20s.

The polar vortex will plunge Texas into a deep freeze for a few days. During that time, there will be damage to infrastructure, transport, and all the other services we rely on due to our lack of self-reliance, which poses a danger to both life and property.

Amid the Midwest’s recent cold snap, anxious Tesla owners were seen attempting to charge their cars, but to no avail. As temperatures have plunged into the minus double digits, charging stations have practically become auto graveyards, according to local reports from Chicago. According to an expert who spoke with the media, electric car charging capabilities may be affected by cold weather. Mark Bilek of the Chicago Auto Trade Association says preconditioning the battery involves getting it to the ideal temperature to receive a quick charge, making a proper charge near impossible.

A report reveals the jet stream causes this unusual weather pattern. Cold air is descending from the Arctic via the Northern and Central Plains and influencing Chicago, while warm air is being pushed upwards by the stream from the Pacific into Alaska.