Police Reveal Plot To Kill 2024 GOP Candidate

MASS Murder – Deadly THREAT Leads To Arrest!

Court documents show that a New Hampshire man was taken into custody on allegations that he threatened the lives of presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and supporters at a gathering on December 11.

Reports show Tricia McLaughlin, a spokesperson for the campaign, expressed gratitude to the police for their prompt and professional handling of the situation and prayed for the security of all Americans.

Prosecutors have accused 30-year-old suspect Tyler Anderson of sending a threat to harm another person using interstate commerce.

The campaign workers of Republican candidate Ramaswamy first reported Anderson to the police last week after he sent a threatening message in reply to a campaign text about an impending event.

After Anderson allegedly erased text messages from his phone, law authorities recovered the device and the texts. A text message saying he hoped they had the endurance for a massacre was discovered during the phone search.

Anderson is accused of sending threatening texts to other candidates in the criminal complaint.

Authorities say they also confiscated guns from Anderson’s residence.

Anderson is scheduled to appear in federal court in Concord for his first appearance. He faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison, 3 years of parole with supervision, and a fine of 250 thousand dollars.

Reports reveal Anderson allegedly sent violent texts to three different presidential campaigns between November 22 and December 8, according to investigators. Along with threatening to carry out a mass shooting, he also promised to impale, disembowel a candidate, and shoot their head off.

In mid-December, Anderson was granted bail after a hearing that took place in federal court.

The federal court judge stated that Anderson seemed to be a man of good character, had community support, and had no criminal record.

However, prosecutors portrayed him as a danger to the community and requested his detention.

Anderson’s next court hearing is in January.