Poll Reveals Voters Top Concern Is Extremism

The former 45th President Donald J. Trump did not attend any primary debate, making the Republican presidential contest on various stages a battle of arguably irrelevant individuals. The only candidate remaining in the race besides Trump used irresponsible rhetoric to criticize a piece of legislation touted by President Joe Biden and fellow Democrats. Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina compared the Inflation Reduction Act to a communist manifesto. The remark was sent to supporters through an e-mail. Haley criticized the act, claiming that it was an example of Bidens spending policies that have added to the national debt. Haley claimed that the Inflation Reduction Act emboldens America’s enemies, naming China specifically. Haley alleged that the subsidies for “green” energy promoted in the act increased American dependence on Chinese products.

Haley continued to discuss reckless spending, accusing Donald Trump of being a major culprit. Haley criticized fellow Republicans Tim Scott, Ron Desantis and Mike Pence for supporting COVID stimulus spending which contributed to inflation; she then noted that President Trump raised the debt by $8 trillion while in office, and that federal spending increased during his tenure of service. Following Trumps victory in South Carolina, it will be difficult for Haley to overcome the current polling deficit. Trump has been actively appearing for media a discussion which often streamed simultaneously with the debates in the fall of 2023. While Trump remains the leader in many polls, the campaign received poor news in a recent publication. In a recent New York Times poll almost a quarter of people who said they support Trump said they would no longer support him if he was found guilty in any  of the indictments. He faces 91 felony counts.

Regardless, it appears increasingly likely that 2024 will be a rematch of the 2020 presidential election between Joe Biden and Trump. Voters say their top concern this cycle is extremism, as the country is divided.