Polls Reveal Majority of Missouri Residents Want to Eliminate Chinese Interference

An overwhelming majority of Missourians do not want China to have any say in the American food supply or Missouri elections, according to a new survey conducted in the state as lawmakers consider legislation to shield the weed killer Roundup from litigation.

Concerns that China may have an impact on the Missouri governor’s election and the American food supply were highlighted in a Tyson Group survey on April 29th.

Missourians have the majority backing of legislation shielding Roundup against litigation that would bankrupt the American corporation and give the market share to its Chinese competitor. If the Missouri bill to shield Roundup from litigation fails, the business may go bankrupt, and the market share would go to a Chinese competitor.

Manufacturer Bayer denies allegations that Roundup’s active component, glyphosate, promotes non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but the weed killer has been associated with cancer. To settle some of the hundreds of lawsuits against it, Bayer has put aside $16 billion, $10 billion of which has already been paid.

Ryan Tyson, president and CEO of the Tyson Group, wrote that many Mississippians have about China’s impact on our food supply and warned that candidates who fail to take a firm stance against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in this area may face difficulties in the general election.

Missouri Republicans are in favor of measures to rein in China. Among them, 81% of probable GOP primary voters favor legislation shielding Roundup from litigation, while just 9% are against the idea and would be OK with the firm going bankrupt and selling its market share to a Chinese competitor.

In addition, the survey found that the majority of respondents (77%) want the government to help American businesses cut ties with China regarding transportation, medicines, and technology.

A majority of the American people (76%) favor a law that would make it illegal for Chinese nationals to own farmland in the United States.

Seventy percent of the people are in favor of passing a law prohibiting the federal and state governments from using drones manufactured in China.

Legislation limiting the use of government monies by the Confucius Institute has the backing of 66% of Americans.

Increased regulation of corporations with Chinese operations has the backing of 64%.

Also, if voters learned that a gubernatorial candidate had voted to send a critical component to China, 71% indicated they wouldn’t back that candidate.