Protestors Wreak Havoc Near The White House

The reinforced fence before the main White House entrance was tested as protesters shook and pressed against it, while some even tried to climb it. Conversely, secret service personnel and police stood by to dissuade the protesters.

The White House removed some personnel and press members from particular areas Saturday night as the mayhem developed. The White House and other buildings were not vandalized, and the U.S. Secret Service made no arrests during the chaos.

Pamela A. Smith, chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, condemned the disorderly protests, saying that the freedom to assemble peacefully is fundamental to our democratic system.

Protesters in front of the White House Saturday Night also yelled, “Yemen, Yemen, make us proud / Turn another ship around,” after the U.S. launched attacks on a radar post held by Houthi terrorists.

U.S. sources said that fighter planes and Tomahawk missiles fired from ships and submarines were the actions taken with the attack. American ships should stay away from Yemen in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden for a while after the first bombings, according to a warning issued by the United States Navy on Friday.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators stormed the White House grounds on Saturday night, yelling “f*** Joe Biden” and attempting to tear down the fence. According to other accounts, the demonstration became violent, prompting the evacuation of certain workers from the premises. As the Secret Service gathered to contain the multitude, footage surfaced online showing the crowd damaging the barrier during their attempts to gain entry.

Militant “Hey hey, ho ho, the occupation has got to go” and “Free, free, free Palestine” slogans were sung by hundreds in Washington, D.C., hours before the “March4Gaza” rally started peacefully. It ended violently.

Following Israel’s justification of its assault in Gaza before the UN Security Council, the Jewish state has called for a protest.