Putin Allegedly Wearing Bullet-Proof Vests at All Public Events 

Internationally, the state of global affairs is quite poor. Two regional conflicts have raged for months and in some cases even years. In eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine remain embroiled in serious conflict, with armed warfare continuing to rage in the region. Since hostilities commenced in early 2022, it is estimated that over half a million casualties have been incurred, with widespread death, destruction, infrastructural carnage and serious damage sustained by the small European nation that only achieved independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. The conflict began over two years ago, and the Russian military initially made serious gains in several regions of the country, threatening the capital city of Kiev in a relatively quick manner. Despite this, the small Ukrainian nation put up a stiff and fanatical resistance, holding the Russians off and stabilizing the front lines. In late 2022, Russia withdrew its troops from that general region and the fighting became centrally focused in the eastern region of the country, with a lengthy front line existing that was largely stagnant for some time.

Ukraine has been kept afloat in large part due to massive funding from the United States and other western nations. Billions of dollars have been authorized in spending by the federal congress, and even though America is trillions of dollars in debt, the country continues to financially support the Ukrainians. Militarily as well, America has sent weapons, vehicles, and ammunition to the country that is in desperate need of it. Regardless, the reality is that Ukraine is outmanned, outgunned, and increasingly outperformed in every facet of the conflict. Russia’s massive population and industrial advantage has worn out the country significantly. 

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has attempted to promote the war as a victory for Russia, but he continues to face increased political pressure at home. After winning re-election to the presidency, the leader has been spotted wearing a bulletproof vest in public outings.