Putin Gives Insane Gift To Kim Jong Un

According to Pyongyang’s official media, Russian President Vladimir Putin has presented North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with a vehicle manufactured in Russia- the Lada.

The present was confirmed by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who said it was an Aurus, a full-sized luxury vehicle similar to the one used by Putin.

The UN imposed sanctions on North Korea due to its nuclear and other weapons programs. North Korea has stubbornly conducted nuclear and missile tests for years, and the gift would violate a UN Security Council prohibition on delivering luxury goods to the country. Perhaps the Lada doesn’t qualify as “luxury.”

During the Cold War, the Lada became a punchline in the West for its practical, no-frills design that appealed to frugal drivers outside the Soviet bloc. It is Russia’s most famous car. Renault, a French automaker, helped revamp the vehicle after relinquishing its 68% interest in Lada’s business AvtoVAZ to Moscow following the invasion of Ukraine. 

The gift demonstrates the unique personal relations between the two countries’ top leaders, according to Kim Jong-un, the sister of Kim Jong-un. 

The State media stated that during Kim’s summit in Russia’s Far East in September, Putin showed the North Korean leader the expensive automobile Kim liked.

Following the summit between Kim and Putin in Vostochny, the United States and South Korea have leveled accusations against North Korea, claiming that the country sent weaponry to Moscow to be used in its conflict with Ukraine in return for Russian assistance with Kim’s satellite programs.

Kim is well-known for his penchant for flashy cars; he is often seen in Mercedes-Benz S-Class variants and Lexus SUVs. A United Nations report from 2021 detailed an alleged attempt to export over a million dollars worth of high-end automobiles, including these models, from the UAE to Ningbo, China, to deliver them to North Korea. 

The South Korean Ministry of National Unity claimed it had determined that the gift—a luxury vehicle—from Putin to Kim as head of state violated United Nations sanctions.