Putin Promotes Guard Allegedly Involved In Torture Death

Vladimir Putin has promoted a prison official named Valery Boyarinev. He is now a Colonel-General of the Internal Service.

Boyarinev is suspected of abusing Alexei Navalny in the notorious Polar Wolf prison. It was later revealed that Navalny’s reduction in meal portions and the reduction of the total food budget were both implemented by Boyarinev, the first deputy chief of the Federal Penitentiary Service. 

Moreover, gulagu.net, a human rights organization, said that Boyarinev was the curator of torture conveyors and that he had personally ordered the use of extreme methods against Navalny and tens of thousands of other Ukrainian detainees.

After Colonel Vadim Kalinin complained about medical issues, the governor of the Arctic hellhole prison, “Polar Wolf,” claimed that he was injected with unknown medicines while he was a prisoner. According to retired FSB colonel Gennady Gudkov, Navalny was detained in conditions that are considered to be torture at the Polar Wolf Arctic Penal Colony. The facility is also notorious for assaulting inmates. 

Lieutenant-General Alexander Rozin, who had been serving as deputy director, and Major-Generals Dmitry Sharovatov and Alexander Fedorov were both promoted.

According to rumors, Navalny died in a squalid Siberian prison that was notorious for brutality. Lyudmila Navalnaya accused Putin of killing her husband in prison using the lethal nerve agent Novichok, and she criticized the Kremlin for waiting to release her husband’s body so the poison could wear off. Lyudmila Navalnaya, Navalny’s mother, went to Putin and asked that her son be released and that he be buried humanely.

On Saturday, Russia announced “sudden death syndrome” as the official cause of Navalny’s death. However, due to the ongoing autopsy, no one other than Russian police and chosen emergency responders has been granted access to examine his body. As a result, many are worried about what might happen to Putin’s most vocal critic and have begun to speculate about his “real” cause of death.

The body will not be released for another two weeks “until a chemical examination is completed,” according to Ivan Zhdanov, Navalny’s former campaign manager.