Putin Vows To Finish Ukraine War No Matter What

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In a recent year-end press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed various topics, including the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and negotiations with the United States regarding the release of detained individuals. The press conference, which lasted over four hours, featured questions from soldiers, regional journalists, and even an AI-generated version of Putin himself.

Putin took a hardline stance on Ukraine, calling for its “denazification,” demilitarization, and neutral status. He demanded Ukraine’s unconditional surrender, citing the country’s lackluster counteroffensive and delays in US military aid due to partisan infighting in Washington, DC. Analysts believe Putin’s proposal amounts to Ukraine’s total capitulation.

Regarding the detained Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, Putin expressed Russia’s willingness to negotiate with the US for their release. However, Russia recently rejected a “substantial” proposal from the US, which is believed to involve a prisoner exchange.

During the press conference, Putin sought to calm concerns about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. He claimed that the Russian army had signed up nearly 500,000 contract soldiers, eliminating the need for a new mass mobilization. He also downplayed a Ukrainian beachhead on the eastern bank of the Dnipro River, referring to it as a “last-ditch” effort.

Putin expressed confidence that Western support for Ukraine would eventually dwindle, claiming that the country relies heavily on imported goods. Recent polls indicate that Russians are growing tired of the war, with many questioning when it will end and expressing a desire for peace talks.

The Russian president also discussed the resilience of Russia’s wartime economy, boasting a projected 3.5 percent growth rate despite Western sanctions. He acknowledged rising inflation but highlighted the recovery of essential sectors, such as the automotive and aircraft industries.

In his final remarks, Putin reflected on his tenure as president, advising his younger self to be cautious of “excessive naivety and gullibility” concerning Western partners. He emphasized the importance of believing in the “great Russian people.”

The press conference provided insights into Putin’s position on various issues, including Ukraine, negotiations with the US, and Russia’s wartime economy. It also sheds light on the growing weariness of the Russian public regarding the ongoing conflict and the desire for peace.