RNC-Trump Fundraiser Makes History, Raises $40M in March

Republicans familiar with Biden’s campaign recognized Trump’s strong prospects of pulling off the most significant political comeback in U.S. history.

If Democrats are worried, they should be. Despite all the odds, Trump is on a roll and has earned five wins in March, putting him squarely back on track to regain the presidency.

James Carville, who managed Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, is also concerned about Trump’s strong position. A Wall Street Journal survey on Tuesday shows that Trump has a commanding advantage over Biden in six crucial swing states. This flips the script from Biden’s 2020 triumphs in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona. In addition, the Journal found that Trump had a significant advantage over Biden in six of the eight areas they surveyed. Furthermore, the incumbent has never been able to win reelection with an approval rating lower than 50%, and Biden’s average approval rating is about 40%.

On the upside, Biden and the administrative state are unyielding in the face of Trump’s momentum. Despite Trump’s protracted and expensive legal fights, the Biden campaign has a substantial financial edge, and several media friends are eager to construct narratives against him.

The war chest has not eased the troubled mind of John Morgan, a Democrat and a fundraiser. He said that his party is “prepared to lose” the presidency to Trump. President Joe Biden’s present political stance concerns the very accomplished Floridian lawyer.

Morgan isn’t the only Democrat getting ready for Trump’s possible triumph. His own campaign manager is feeling the heat. Losing in November would be devastating, according to Julie Chavez Rodriguez.

At the end of February, Biden’s campaign had $155 million available. Its March fundraising totals remain undisclosed, but the group boasted of a $25 million haul at a contentious high-dollar dinner attended by Obama and Clinton.

Lara Trump and the Republican National Committee, on the other hand, reported on Wednesday that they had raised $65.6 million combined in March, bringing their total cash on hand to $93.1 million.